echo™ 201dv


Part Number: 010-01254-00
Recommended Retail Price: R 4 249.00

echo™ 201dv Features:

Fishfinding with Garmin DownVü™ Scanning Sonar

- Garmin DownVü scanning sonar provides a nearly photographic view of fish and structure under the boat
- Includes all-in-one advanced HD-ID™ and DownVü transducer
- 5-inch diagonal, 16-level gray scale display
- Transmit power (RMS)/(Peak-To-Peak): 300 W/2,400 W
- Includes quick-release tilt/swivel mount, transom mount and low-profile trolling motor transducer mounting kits

DownVü Display Comparison
DownVu comparison
The powerfully simple 5-inch echo 201dv includes an all-in-one transducer that delivers both advanced HD-ID 77/200 - kHz and Garmin DownVü scanned images simultaneously on a horizontally or vertically split screen.

See excellent target separation and a nearly photographic view of fish with 2,400 W peak-to-peak power, and experience narrow-to-wide viewing cone angles that provide a clear picture down, under the boat, to 1,750 feet maximum1. Plus, sonar history rewind and Smooth Scaling™ depth-range adjustments allow for seamless transitions from shallow to deep water and back. Includes quick-release tilt/swivel mount plus transom and low-profile trolling motor transducer mounts to make installation a snap.

1Maximum depth dependent on transducer, water, salinity, bottom type and other water conditions.


Technical Specifications

    Product Specifications

Technical Specifications


What's in the Box:

    - echo 201dv
    - 4-pin DownVu transducer with transom mount and trolling motor mount
    - Tilt/swivel quick-release mount
    - Power Cable
    - Documentation

Accessories for the echo™ 201dv

Triducer,P32,8-pin,Transom Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10106-20

Triducer,P66,8-pin,600W,Transom Mount,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10192-21

Xdcr,P319,8-pin,600W,Plastic Thru-Hull,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10194-21

Transducer,P72,8-pin,Trolling Motor Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10200-20

Transducer,B619,8-pin,Tilted Bronze Thru-Hull,12,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10217-21

Transducer,B619,8-pin,Tilted Bronze Thru-Hull,20,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10217-22

Transducer,P19,8-pin,Tilted Plastic Thru-Hull,12,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10218-21

Transducer,P19,8-pin,Tilted Plastic Thru-Hull,20,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10218-22

Transducer, transom/trolling motor mount, dual beam
Part No: 010-10249-20

Transducer, 8-pin,Transom/Trolling Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10249-40

Transducer, 8-pin,Transom/Trolling Mount,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10272-10

Xdcr,P79,8-pin,600W,Adjustable In-Hull,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10327-20

Xdcr,B60,8-pin,600W,Tilted Brnz Thru-Hull,20Deg,200/50kH
Part No: 010-10982-20

Xdcr,B60,8-pin,600W,Tilted Brnz Thru-Hull,12 Deg ,200/50
Part No: 010-10982-21

Transducer adapter, female 4-pin to male 6-pin
Part No: 010-11615-00

Quick release mount with tilt/swivel
Part No: 010-11676-00

Protective cover
Part No: 010-11680-00

Flush mount kit
Part No: 010-11682-00

Transducer adapter, female 4-pin to male 8-pin
Part No: 010-11947-00

Trolling Motor Mount
Part No: 010-12105-10

Step Mount
Part No: 010-12106-00

Jack Plate Mount
Part No: 010-12106-10