GPSMAP® 721 Series


Part Number: 010-01101-01
Recommended Retail Price: R 20 949.00

GPSMAP® 721 Series Features:

Garmin Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce the GPSMap 721 series. This range of marine plotters is either available as a standalone chartplotter, the GPSMap 721 or as combination chartplotter sounder, the GPSMap 721xs. They combine Garmin's latest technological advancements with 60% more processing power than their previous range.

The GPSMap 721 series features a 7" Touch Screen WVGA display with Multi-touch Technology (Pinch Zoom) delivering high resolution imagery. User interface is via the backlight keypad which has been designed to keep it easy to use and intuitive. Supplied with a tilt gimbal mount bracket for easy installation, the GPSMap 721 series can also be flush mounted as well as flat mounted.
HD-ID Sounder
The GPSMap 721xs features Garmin's HD-ID™ sounder with 1Kw of Sounder performance. The GPSMap 721xs also features a 600w CHIRP™ sounder module making it a very attractive option serious offshore fisherman. It also has a sonar recording feature. This feature coordinates the timing of the sonar return in relation to the boat's position - so that returns on the sonar recording can be matched against the units track log for pin point accuracy when marking positions from soundings. Sonar recordings are saved to a microSD card to be inserted into the device for convenient post review in the Garmin HomePort software.
The GPSMap 721 series GPS receiver has been upgraded to feature the latest in high-sensitivity GPS receiver technology. The new receiver is a 10Hz Garmin GPS/GLONASS receiver which updates position and heading 10 times per second to display fluid vessel movement as well as dramatically improve your ability to accurately mark and navigate to waypoints.
WI-FI Connectivity
The GPSMap 721 series is Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® enabled for remote pairing and can connect wirelessly to tablets and smartphones for use with the Garmin BlueChart Mobile app. The GPSMap 721 series also supports Fusion-Link for audio integration with the range if compatible Fusion-Link radios.
BlueChart G2
The GPSMap 721 series comes preloaded with a worldwide basemap but accepts Garmin BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision format cartography for advanced marine and fishing charts data.

The Power of Simple - the perfect essential series combo plotter from Garmin

   Combination GPS chartplotter with a 7" Touch Screen sunlight readable WVGA (800x480),
  auto-dimming display
   Built-in 10Hz high-sensitivity satellite receiver for highly accurate position, velocity and time
  data 10 times a second
    Offers true position and heading data smoothly and accurately - especially evident when coming out of turns
    Extraordinary low speed performance - key when trying to hit a specific mark or waypoint
Supports multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems - including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo2, QZSS2
   Faster zooming and panning thanks to 60% more processing power than previous generation
   GPSMAP combo models offer complete sonar versatility - will support multiple sonar technologies
   Built in 600W CHIRP capability
   Built in 1kW capable sonar with Garmin HD-ID target tracking technology (50/77/200kHz)
   Superior resolution and target separation in both shallow and deep-water
   Sonar recording feature that saves to a microSD card when inserted into the device
   NMEA 2000 and 0183 certified for seamless integration with the Garmin marine lineup
   Wirelessly connect to tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi® for use with the BlueChart Mobile app
   Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology - wirelessly connect to a compatible
  portable device for control of your media player from the new GPSMap 721 series
   Connect to a compatible FUSION-Link capable media system and manage virtually every aspect
  of the boat's media experience 2
   Multiple mounting options - new bail mount and flush mount designs with cable management or choose
  our all-new exclusive flat mount option
   New refreshed user interface makes unit operation easier than ever
   Dual microSD™ card slots for optional mapping and/or user data
   Support both BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision Maps
   AIS and DSC support
   Waterproof design (IPX7)

2 Supported when available; a software update may be required at that time

Product Configurations:

Please see the details below for which configurations are available.

  Available  Part Number
  GPSMAP® 721
  includes worldwide basemap
  RRP: R19 349.00
  GPSMAP 721xs
  without transducer
  includes worldwide basemap
  RRP: R20 949.00


Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications


What's in the Box:

    - GPSMAP 721xs
    - Power/data cable
    - Bail mount and knobs
    - Flush mount kit
    - Protective cover
    - Documentation

Accessories for the GPSMAP® 721 Series

Triducer,P32,8-pin,Transom Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10106-20

Triducer,P66,8-pin,600W,Transom Mount,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10192-21

Xdcr,P319,8-pin,600W,Plastic Thru-Hull,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10194-21

Transducer,P72,8-pin,Trolling Motor Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10200-20

Transducer,B619,8-pin,Tilted Bronze Thru-Hull,12,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10217-21

Transducer,P19,8-pin,Tilted Plastic Thru-Hull,20,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10218-22

Transducer, 8-pin,Transom/Trolling Mount,200/77kHz
Part No: 010-10249-40

Suction Cup Transducer Adapter
Part No: 010-10253-00

Transducer, 8-pin,Transom/Trolling Mount,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10272-10

Speed sensor, 8-pin, Plastic, Transom mount
Part No: 010-10279-03

Xdcr,P79,8-pin,600W,Adjustable In-Hull,200/50kHz
Part No: 010-10327-20

Airmar ST850 Speed/Temp Sensor, 8-pin, Plastic, Thru-hull
Part No: 010-10365-20

Part No: 010-10641-20

Xdcr,B60,8-pin,600W,Tilted Brnz Thru-Hull,20Deg,200/50kH
Part No: 010-10982-20

Xdcr,B60,8-pin,600W,Tilted Brnz Thru-Hull,12 Deg ,200/50
Part No: 010-10982-21

8-pin Female to wire block adapter
Part No: 010-11613-00

Transducer extension cable, 8-pin 3m // 10ft
Part No: 010-11617-00

Transducer extension cable, 8-pin 6m // 20ft
Part No: 010-11617-01

Xdcr,B150M,8-pin,CHIRP, 300W,Bronze,Thru-Hull,0de
Part No: 010-11927-20

Part No: 010-11927-21

Xdcr,B150M,8-pin,CHIRP, 300W,Bronze,Thru-Hull,20deg
Part No: 010-11927-22

Xdcr,TM150M,8-pin, CHIRP, 300W,Transom Mount
Part No: 010-11928-20

4-pin-F to 8-pin-M,Transducer Adapter
Part No: 010-11948-00